Dear Members and Friends of the Monte Jade community,

We, the boards of the Chapters of Monte Jade Science and Technology Association, join our colleagues, family, and friends in raising awareness and condemning the recent escalation in the harassment and violence against Asians and Asian Americans in the United States. As community builders and representatives of Asian American business leaders and entrepreneurs, we would like to unite our resources in searching for solutions against hatred based on racial, social and economic background. We will work together to create and offer programs that advocate diversity, and inclusion, and help foster mutual understanding and respect.

Our message to those community members who are worried about the safety of our family because of our appearance: You are not alone and your fear is well justified. We must support ourselves and each other to overcome crime, violence and misperceptions in this difficult time. Here are a number of resources to help report and stop acts of hate:

Let us use this time to come together in making our community and society inclusive and appreciative of all races and cultures.

With empathy, concern, and action mindedness,

Your Monte Jade board members


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