Rho Psi Scholarship Program


In order to inspire and nurture the development of Chinese youngsters for our future, the Greater Washington Fellowships Su You Society (Rho Psi IOTA Chapter) has established the Rho Psi Scholarship in the Greater Washington area to reward Chinese youth for their outstanding achievements in school and the community. The Rho Psi Scholarship (IOTA Chapter) was established over 50 years ago. One of its most noteworthy purposes is to provide a competitive platform which motivates students to push their intellectual boundaries! The scholarship committee invited various successful entrepreneurs and academic leaders to judge the competition. They provided the participants valuable hands-on experience and valuable mentoring.  Not only were many Rho Psi scholarship winners admitted to top universities over the years, but they have also gone on to win national competitions and awards.  The Rho Psi Scholarship (IOTA Chapter) has also set up the Rho Psi Grant Fund to continue to support the Rho Psi Scholarship winners and other Chinese youth to achieve their dreams!

Download the flyer for more information. 

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