• November 19, 2016
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Sophia Parker named Vice Chair of Global Monte Jade

Sophia ParkerMonte Jade DC is pleased to announce that board member Sophia Parker was nominated as Vice Chair of the Global Monte Jade organization. This nomination will build a stronger bridge between Monte Jade DC and the other chapters and bring more opportunity to our local chapter. Monte Jade Global was organized in 1993 and consists of 14 active Monte Jade chapters:

  • MJ West Coast, established in Silicon Valley, USA on Feb. 4, 1990;
  • MJ East Coast, established in New York, USA on Mar. 30, 1991;
  • MJ Mid-America, established in Chicago, USA on Apr. 6, 1991;
  • MJ Greater Washington, established in Washington D.C. USA on Nov. 23, 1991;
  • MJ New England, established in Boston, USA on May 22, 1992;
  • MJ Great Pittsburgh, established in Pittsburgh, USA on Nov. 21, 1992 (Inactive);
  • MJ Southeastern, established in Atlanta, USA on Jan. 16, 1993;
  • MJ Mid Atlantic, established in Philadelphia, USA on Oct. 24, 1993;
  • MJAA, established in Silicon Valley on June 20, 1995;
  • MJ Western Canada, established in Vancouver, Canada on Apr. 13, 1998;
  • MJ Ohio, established in Ohio, USA on July 6, 1999;
  • MJ Taiwan, established in Taiwan on May 23, 2001;
  • MJ Southern California, established in LA, USA on Feb. 23, 2002;
  • MJ Hong Kong, established in Hong Kong, China on Feb. 17, 2003;
  • MJ Singapore, established in Singapore on Oct. 27, 2003;

Chairmen and Vice Chairmen and Executive Committee Members are as follows:
1. Chair - Paul Wang (Taiwan)
2. Vice Chair - C.Y. Chen 美西 玉山 (美西)
3. Vice Chair - Sophia Parker Dahua Yushan (US East)

Executive Committee:
1. Paul Wang (Taiwan)
2. C.Y. Chen
3. Sophia Paker Greater Washington Yushan (US East)
4. Jackie Chen - Southeast of Yushan (Atlanta)
5. Mei-hsiu Ling - New England Yushan (Boston)
6. Robert Yang - Ngong Yushan (L.A.)
7. George Lee Lam - Hong Kong Yushan (Asia)

The new chair, vice chair and executive committee will take office on January 1, 2017

Congratulations Sophia and looking forward to continued expansion of Monte Jade DC.

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