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Blockchain Solutions – April 18, 2018


Opening Speaker: 
Nithin G. Eapen - CIO, Arcadia Crypto Ventures. Nithin G. Eapen - CIO, Arcadia Crypto Ventures. Nithin is the CIO of Arcadia Crypto Ventures, a venture group that invests capital and human resources into new blockchain projects. He is a former trader and crypto technologist and the creator of the Belpointe Crypto Index (Bloomberg Ticker CRYPTO). He holds a degree in Engineering from The Wright State University in Ohio as well as a Masters in Financial Mathematics from the University of Chicago.
Prior to joining Arcadia, Nithin was the founder and President of Chance River Technology, an IT firm based in Stamford, CT. Nithin held a series 7, 3 and 63, while at UBS where he worked as a market maker in exotic equity derivatives. Prior to trading, Nithin built trading systems at UBS, RBS and Bank of America. Alongside studying digital assets, Nithin plays in the World Series of Poker and is an avid squash player. He lives in Connecticut with his wife and five children.

Jay Schulman - Principal, RSM US LLPHe has helped a major commodities exchange roll out an initial coin offering, consulted multiple trading firms on the security of their cryptocurrency trading strategies, developed strategies for adopting blockchain and taught numerous classes on the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Kevin Leffew - Modern Workspace Specialist, MicrosoftKevin focuses on applications of blockchain within the Public Sector, namely tamper-resistance through hash-linked data structures. He has been involved in blockchain since 2015, having founded Wake Fintech, a blockchain-focused organization at Wake Forest University which fell under the international Blockchain Education Network.

Antigone Peyton - Protorae Law PLLCAntigone leads the Intellectual Property and Technology Law practice at Protorae Law. Antigone focuses on intellectual property litigation and IP portfolio management and growth strategies involving patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights. Her litigation and counseling practices also include unfair competition, DMCA violations, computer fraud, and technology law issues involving social media, IoT, cybersecurity, blockchain, and cloud computing. Antigone has acted as lead trial counsel and appellate counsel in federal civil lawsuits across the United States and she has represented numerous Fortune 500 companies involved in high stakes intellectual property disputes and a variety of other business and legal issues. Before she joined Protorae Law Antigone founded Cloudigy Law, an intellectual property boutique firm. Previously, Antigone was a litigator at Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP, in Washington, DC and managed the firm's electronic litigation group focused on e-discovery. Before law school, Antigone conducted scientific research involving clinical and pre-clinical biophysics and magnetic resonance studies at a large university medical center. All of these experiences sharpened her focus on clients' business needs and the practical aspects of innovation while crafting legal solutions.

Robert J.Nance - Managing Partner, EdgewaterRob is the managing partner of Edgewater Equity, a fully invested early stage venture capital fund based in New York City. Edgewater invested thematically across early stage companies focusing on enabling technology that supports networks and companies that bring material science to consumer products that haven't seen innovation in multiple decades. He manages a portfolio of early stage companies located around the globe. Rob also advises and is a board member of a portfolio of diverse operating businesses that range from restaurants to medical cannabis dispensaries. Rob's latest endeavor is a new fund, NYCQ, that leverages Blockchain technology and smart contracts in venture capital. Tokens that back an asset are referred to as security tokens. Security tokens will provide liquidity to previously illiquid assets (real estate, venture capital, private equity). In the case of venture capital today, investors only have liquidity at the sale of a portfolio asset. The liquidation event sometimes takes 8 to 10 years. With a tokenized venture capital fund, investors can buy and sell shares of a venture fund on a public exchange similar to equity in a publically traded company.

Karandeep Kang - Director of Sales, Mobomo.  Karandeep is the Commercial Business Development Director at Mobomo leading an inside sales team, and has managed over 30 successful projects through the ideation, design, and deployment phases, including multi-million dollar contracts over the last two years. Most notably, Karandeep has led the teams for both the Official White House Mobile applications under the Obama Administration, as well as Gallup's Strength Finder ecosystem. Karandeep is well-versed in developing products for the web, mobile apps, wearable, and blockchain technologies. Prior to joining the Mobomo team, Karandeep was a project manager at a boutique FinTech consulting firm and implemented remote check deposit in mobile applications for the largest banks in the US. In 2012, Karandeep was introduced and became an early adopter of cryptocurrency while working in the FinTech space. As FinTech clients were exploring Bitcoin, Karandeep stumbled upon some crude directions to create a mining rig, which he constructed in his studio apartment in DC. After a few months of mining, Karandeep had 10% of the hash power within his pool on a block that was mined and was rewarded with the bounty. Unfortunately, the spike in energy usage was noticed by his landlord and he had to shut down operations. As Bitcoin became more mainstream with more exchanges, Karandeep created an arbitrage bot that took advantage of price differences between exchanges. Although very successful, again, he was promptly blacklisted from most exchanges. Karandeep is still active in the cryptocurrency space and currently owns over 25 different cryptocurrencies.

This event will be held at:
Mobomo 1600 Spring Hill Rd Suite 300, Vienna, VA, 22182
Date: April 18 2018
Time: 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Location: Mobomo
Address: 1600 Spring Hill Rd Suite 300, Vienna, VA, 22182
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